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Selected Nexo Solutions Projects


  • Awarded contract for analysis of drilling muds for improving offshore E&P operations
  • Developed software package for filtration & coalescing systems design & operational eval
  • Awarded contracts for ion exchange bed water effluent for contamination characterization
  • Awarded contract for evaluation & on-site testing for sulfur removal in landfill gas
  • Awarded contract for natural gas - sales gas separation troubleshooting
  • Published papers in Filtration News, and Gas Processing
  • Published papers in Filtration & Separation, and Chemical Engineering
  • Presented at the American Fuels & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) National Conference
  • Performed testing at upstream facility using Intellichem® HR for H2S removal in natural gas


  • Awarded development contract for heavy metals removal in crude oil in South America
  • Awarded several contracts for mercaptans removal in hydrocarbon streams
  • Awarded contract for the design of an NGL feed filtration for a fractionation plant in Canada
  • Awarded development contract for H2S removal from produced water with high hardness
  • Awarded contract for analysis of drilling muds for improving offshore E&P operations
  • Developed software package for inlet separations design and operational evaluation
  • Awarded contract for phase separator evaluations for Oil & Gas operations
  • Conducted research initiative for filter media compatibility in amine gas sweetening solvents
  • Awarded contract for technology testing for removing mercaptans in hydrocarbon condensate
  • Conducted research initiatives for surfactant optimization in emulsification applications
  • Conducted research initiatives for filtration media chemical compatibility
  • Published papers in Gas Processing, Hydrocarbon Processing and Compressor Tech
  • Managing Director appointed to the Editorial Board for Elsevier for Chemical Engineering
  • Chaired the 1st Oil & Gas and Chemical Processing Filtration and Separation Conference


  • Awarded supply of mercaptans removal technology (Intellichem®MR) for upstream operations
  • Awarded contract for compressor stations performance and contamination evaluation
  • Started commercial applications for Exion®Hybrid for NGL sweetening and LPG Treating
  • Filed provisional patent application for liquid hydrocarbon treating (mercaptans removal)
  • Awarded contract for chemical plant process separation study
  • Awarded contract for testing of Envirosolproducts for filter backwashing systems
  • Awarded contract for specialized filterability testing and system design for glycol purification
  • Awarded contract for Methanol Recovery Unit
  • Awarded contract for new membrane technology development for sour gas treating
  • Finalized new process additive for H2S and Mercaptans removal (Intellichem®HR and MR)
  • Presented papers at the America Filtration Society (USA) and ChemInnovations (USA)
  • Presented papers at the SOGAT (UAE) and at the GPA (USA)
  • Published papers in Chemical Engineering, Hydrocarbon Processing and Compressor Tech
  • Awarded technical support roles in Venezuela


  • Awarded contract for Desalter optimization
  • Awarded contract for new testing laboratory
  • Finalized new environmental additives: BiosolL1 and BiosolEC
  • Sent first order of biosurfactants for soil remediation
  • Developed new application for the new Envirosol products for odor control
  • Awarded technical support roles in Brazil and Mexico
  • Awarded new water purification systems supply in South America
  • Presented papers at the America Filtration Society and ChemInnovations
  • Managing Director has been appointed the new President of the AFS, Southwest Region


  • Finalized the development of new generation of separation technologies (Exion®, xPhase)
  • Selected to provide new water purification engineering to South American companies
  • Conducted strategic alliances for the Latin American Oil & Gas market
  • Partnered with influential engineering company to provide plant evaluations
  • Provided process separation licensing for North American plants
  • Finalized the development of new phase separation chemicals (Intellichem®EB)
  • Opened its Latin American operations in Santiago, Chile focusing on the mining industry

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